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  • Put Your Bedtime Routine on Autopilot, so that you rest easy at the end of the day
  • ​​Develop Responsibility in Your Child, so that he or she can drive his or her own progress
  • ​​Connect with Your Child Each Day, so that you can understand what’s really important to them
  • Organize Your Morning Routine, so that your child is ready to Win the Day
  • ​Instill a Positive Work Ethic in Your Child, so that they are ready to succeed at home & at school
  • ​Reward Yourself & Your Child, so that you are both motivated to make these new habits permanent

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Dr. Francisca Enih

Dr. Enih teaches at the middle school level, and has won numerous Teacher of the Year awards. She lives in Houston, Texas, and earned her doctorate from Texas Southern University. Her goals and passion are to uphold human self-esteem, to always be patient, and to promote fairness and kindness. 

Many are aware of the dangers of the lack of parental involvement in children’s academic achievement, but few really understand how to make a difference. As a mother and educator, Dr. Enih explains everyday unconventional parenting techniques you can use to help your child become successful. Replace the overwhelm and stop hovering!